“Old Times Sake”

05.31.09 8 years ago 16 Comments

Words By Prop Jay

Question: Is it possible for Collie Buddz to make music that would appeal to a greater — and probably more preferred — audience than North American smokers?

Answer: “Old Times Sake

A few years ago I came across Collie Buddz when he was still an obscure artist now. At the time, I figured he was from Jamaica, not Bermuda, because his voice sounded “authentic.” His sound was obviously crafted with care so as not to veer too far from the genre. The only problem was the more I heard from him the more tiresome I grew of the weed anthems.

But now Collie’s love of some bird provides us with a much needed change of pace rarely seen from the smoker. With an actual topic behind his music, Collie’s smooth voice layers crisp production rooted in Hip-Hop rather than the dancehall foundation so many others take up. Providing a Boom Bap element to reggae isn’t a unique characteristic, but we don’t hear enough of it.

“Old Time Sake” hopefully provides a little insight into a new musical direction. Too bad his next album is already titled Collie Buddz: The Next Toke.


Download — Collie Buddz – “Old Times Sake”

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