QoTD: What Three Players Would You Take In An Olympic 3-On-3?

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12.27.13 50 Comments

Words By Bansky

We’ve all played three-on-three basketball with varying levels of success. Well, in the future we may get to watch our favorite NBA players do do the same in the Summer Olympics. While it has officially been denied entry into the 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro, FIBA continues its push to try to get the sport added to the festivities.

So, when you take into consideration the rules of the game – 12 second shot clock, no inbounds “check” because you simply take the ball out of the net and clear it, inside the arc is one point while outside is two and the winner is the first to score 21 or whoever has the most points after 10 minutes – which three players would you pick to represent the United States in this possible event in Olympics?

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