Omar Coming Yo!: Michael K. Williams Joins “Community”

07.26.11 6 years ago 9 Comments

Photo: Warming Glow

Two days ago, Community was simply one of the best comedies on television – despite the Emmy snub. Now, the show has gotten roughly a million times more awesome as Michael “Omar. Just call me Omar because that’s the most famous role I’ll ever have” K. Williams is joining the cast as a biology teacher.

That means that Community will make you laugh, cry, and sodomize you with a shank while robbing your drug house. Sounds like a family show made in heaven. And let’s not forget that the show already features Internet rap sensation du jour Childish Gambino.

In other news about Community’s 3rd season, we’ll finally meet Jeff’s dad and Troy and Abed will move in together – probably causing some turmoil in their friendship, and John Goodman will also be featured in a few episodes as a new Dean.

Dear Emmys, don’t mess up come this time next year. Thanks.

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