On Chris Brown, F.A.M.E. & 5 Steps To Recovery

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03.23.11 25 Comments

“It’s not really a big deal to me now as far as that situation. I think I’m passed that in my life.”

Chris Brown’s saga will never end. Rihanna seemingly has moved on. Chris has tried his best, but media won’t let that happen and yesterday’s unseen, but much talked about tirade on ABC’s Good Morning America somewhat proved such. The young man made a mistake which no one will ever allow him to live down. He could risk life and limb to rescue a baby from a burning building, save a cat out of a tree and it still wouldn’t matter. The post-heroic interview would still include the question “So, are you still an angry little fella and beating up women?”

Still, there are measures he could take to help repair his image.

1. Accept fate — Ike Turner never lived down the label, neither will Chris. Cardinal sins in American society include child molestation and beating women. Do those and you’re labeled for life. Unless you’re a Catholic priest, everyone is going to talk about your transgressions or, even if they’re not saying it, they’ll be viewing you silently and judging you in their minds. Accepting the fact will be step one towards change.

2. Learn to handle the questions better — This may be easier said that done but that’s what media training is for and whoever is coaching Chris should know the task isn’t a short-term one. Continuously, he needs to be guided in how to handle the questions. Or better yet, his publicist needs to step in and staunchly refuse any questions related to the topic. Trust, the larger you are, the more power you have to say “The artist will not be fielding questions regarding that topic” because we’ve had it imposed on us while doing Sessions and interviews.

But if they do come up, don’t react. Try to keep your cool. I happened to catch the GMA interview and immediately notice Chris’ body tense and his movements become fidgety when Robin went there on him. Amidst the he say, she say, GMA strongly claims they cleared questions with Brown’s team beforehand but I guess it’s like getting your prostate checked in that nothing’s going to prepare you for what’s about to happen.

3. Piss on a girl instead of beating them, then make a few great albums — It worked for R. Kelly. You were on a great track with “Look At Me Now” but that crappy Auto-Tuned, techno number he did perform yesterday is terrible. In fact, my wife and I heard it on the radio and thought the song was David Archuleta’ or one of those types before my daughter disappointed us by saying it was yours.

If you do bad things and make sh*tty music, you’re giving folks an added reason to dislike you and proving your presence isn’t necessary. I don’t personally listen to Robert much anymore, but I’ve heard that his music is still pretty stellar and nobody in their right mind can deny how entertaining the early installments of “Trapped In The Closet” had redirected the attention back to his music and not his perverse behaviors.

Plus, Black folks will forgive anything if you make them smile or dance. The BET Michael Jackson tribute performance? Riveting, capping it off with tears. I’m sure there were Girl Scout troops ready to have him on as a motivational speaker afterward.

4. Hire a better team — Remember when Kobe put it in the Colorado chick’s dookie chute without her consent and she cried rape? Do we even remember when Tiger screwed 80 chicks and had concubines in all 50 states? It’s called extensive damage control and both athletes were being guided and protected by great teams. Chris needs a better group of people invested in making sure that his public appearances are succinct and almost scripted.

5. F.A.M.E. – Fans are your everything Chris. Just like family, they’ve forgiven you and decided to continue supporting. Running to media outlets and detractors with open arms asking for forgiveness might be the reason Brown keeps getting punched in the chest so hard. Instead of going that route, f*ck only with those who do understand and forgive you.

Personally, I hate to see the young guy being beaten to death (no pun) over one night’s mistake. Said it then and I’ll say it again – he’s young, he f*cked up. To our knowledge, he wasn’t stomping hoes prior to that one terrible night and there’s no proof that his life is headed down a path that will include him sitting around in a beer-stained wifebeater at age forty, cursing out his spouse and smacking her around for over-frying his bologna sandwich.

But a future of terribly directed gospel plays could be in his future if the current path continues and the media discards him.

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