On Rihanna, Rolling Stone & Rumpshaker Shorts

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As slight evidence that Photoshop was not needed for Ri-Ri, here’s the behind the scenes footage from her Rolling Stone cover shoot. The accompanying interview and its excerpts are just as intriguing as Rihanna talks sexting, restraining orders and all the messy stuff that makes celebrate life the great train wreck from which we can’t turn away from.

On Her Dating Life and Sexting:

Rihanna is unattached. “I’m not dating,” she says. “I’m not sexing, I’m not even sexting. It’s on complete nil.” She says she hasn’t been with anyone since breaking up with Dodgers slugger Matt Kemp, which went down before the public found out in December, so it’s been at least four months since she got any action. “You think you’re disappointed?” she says. “Try being in this body.”

Still, she says, there are alternatives. “When you’re not with the person you want to be intimate with, a picture is the next best thing. Well, Skype is safer. But a picture lasts a long time. When you’re alone, and those horny moments come up, pictures can be very handy.”

That said, she adds, “I haven’t gotten a d*ck picture in a long time. I think people are a little afraid. It can turn out bad.”

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