On Second Thought, Do We Really Need A ‘Good Times’ Movie?

03.18.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

The announcement of a Good Times reunion got two reactions. First, there was excitement and a collective “DYN-O-MITE!,” subsequently followed by a “Hol’ up. Wait a minute.” As much as many people like the idea in theory, the reservations and doubts may outweigh wanting to see the film make it to the big screen. The Urban Daily breaks down a few reasons why a Good Times movie could be a trainwreck waiting to happen in the hands of Hollywood studios.

5. Hollywood has no idea what to do with black characters: Face it: These days, we can’t have clever characters without them being corny and sexless; and we can’t have assured characters without them coming across sassy and unbearable. “Good Times” managed to brilliantly teeter along many of these aspects, while at the same time it offered a poignant story that rarely offended you. You may not have always exactly related to each saga, but you understood and appreciated it. How often does that happen for more modern films?”

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