On Stone Cold Steve Austin And The Best 10 Minutes On Television

04.19.11 7 years ago 13 Comments

If you’re familiar with the concept of WWE’s Tough Enough, you’ll know that it’s generally a pretty boring reality show about people that want to be wrestlers. When the WWE restarted the franchise this year, they attempted to remedy the issue of the show’s monotony by making “Stone Cold” Steve Austin the host.

Even with that announcement, I wasn’t too keen on watching. That was until I saw the elimination scenes at the end of each episode which are easily the most entertaining 10 minutes of television with vintage Stone Cold berating these losers. Austin is a superstar, and it shows every time he’s left to his own devices, cutting these wide-eyed rookies down and showing how he became the most popular name in wrestling history. Hell, he even shares a story of how he crapped his pants in the middle of a match.

In the first two episodes, the poor victims were a chick that didn’t know a thing about wrestling and a nine-year veteran that was too timid to get any respect. Both of these scenes are absolutely classic, each showcasing its own priceless moment: in the first episode Austin loses his lunch when it becomes apparent that the chick obviously hasn’t seen a single WWE match before and his reaction to “permission to speak” in the second episode is worth a few replays. And that’s only two episodes in.

Screw the full episodes, just turn to USA at about 7:50 CST every Monday night and your week will be off to a great start.

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