Once You Go Black: BlackBerrys Are The Drug Of Choice

08.10.10 8 years ago 41 Comments

Are you neither an iPhone or Android user? Join the boat with Paul Carr, the writer behind “I Chose Not To Choose iPhone… or Android. I Chose Something Else.” I’m not a fan of the aforementioned phones either but I guess Paul has more sway than me in the tech world. But his reasons are similar to mine: emails, loathing touchscreens, emails and the distracting capabilities of the newer models. Did I mention email capabilities? Yeah, that’s obviously a personal preference.

Instead, Paul and I choose BlackBerry devices as our communication weapons.

It Provides Fewer Distractions

One of the reasons people assume you’re working when you’re holding a Blackberry is the fact that it’s basically useless for anything else. Games? Forget it. Music? You’d be better off calling the bank and sitting on hold. Ebooks? That’s what your Kindle is for. There’s an amusing irony in the fact that the “Crackberry” was the original distracting smartphone: the phone that turned your friends and dining partners into obnoxious assholes and made every strolling businessperson a collision hazzard. Today, by comparison to other smart phones, the Blackberry seems like the handset of choice for people who still live in the real world.

Read the rest of the article @ TechCrunch.

Sidebar: I grabbed a new Bold after months of researching and toying with the various models. At the end of the day, I do far too many emails during the course of a day to use anything but a BlackBerry.

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