OnCue’s Take On Abuse In His ‘So Much Love’ Video Will Give You Goosebumps

09.01.14 3 years ago 5 Comments

oncue so much love video 2

The other day on Twitter, OnCue suggested how his single “So Much Love” was going over people’s heads. Considering I’d been listening to the Just Blaze + Hudson Mohake-produced banger for about a week at that point, I questioned whether or not I myself actually knew the meaning. After watching these goosebumps-inducing visuals, I clearly did not.

Told through the eyes of a shy, but combustible high school student, this clip reveals the curtain on how certain people conceal much more stored emotion than anyone could ever realize. Anyone who knows how Cuey grew up is aware this character isn’t too far removed from his own troubled upbringing. So, after digesting this jolting clip, the somewhat upbeat song’s immediate exclamation didn’t come across nearly as positive.

Instead, viewers see first-hand that all the chicks coming through Connecticut-born rapper’s room and exclusives he rocks are really his mask. The lines about the messy yard and neighbors not saying anything aren’t about a party atmosphere, they’re about a broken home. The line that ends the second verse about someone busted into his room isn’t about sleeping in with a hangover, it’s parental abuse.

The song not only makes sense now, it’s magnitude goes through the roof. Just when I think Cuey made somewhat of a routine single, he really created another immaculate open book about his tattered soul that happens to bang as well.

When his album Angry Young Man drops on September 3, support OnCue with a purchase. He’s earned it.

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