One Day It’ll All…

11.15.06 11 years ago 7 Comments

Listening to this track on repeat repeatedly for the past few days, trying to memorize bits and pieces while soakin up what he was sayin, doing my strained rendition of the chorus (“jusstt miighhttt beee ooo-kaaaaayyyyy…”, it’s safe to tell you this dude is a HIV sick with it…

God bless the mothers and younger brothers of hustlers/Cuz she don’t want sob at his wake/But he want to follow in the steps/Bang his hat, learn his shakes master his swagger in the bathroom/Mirror cop a Chevy, steady mob in his place/Chea…it’s just the problems we face/ Look his mom is in the face and promises he’s straight…

Rapper thugs often claim to be reporting only what they see in the hood. But I think what the dude manages to do is report what’s really going on in the minds of those in the hood with pinpoint accuracy. And he does so all the while claiming to be an outsider to the events, just as any great author poet would do.

“Tabernacle. Chuucchh.”

Cornel Westside/Chi-town Guevara feat. Gemini – “Just Might Be Okay”

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