One Last Run: Listen To Hot 97’s Heavy D Tribute

11.10.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

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Hating on the radio is everything from fashionable to justifiable these days. Yet, every once in awhile, you hear a string of songs hand picked by a DJ without regard to BDS. These moments are sadly regularly witnessed in times of loss. At the same time, as evidenced by Mister Cee’s Heavy D tribute, they’re still appreciated when they come up.

Yesterday’s “Throwbackl At Noon” was a true Hip-Hop salute to the Overweight Lover. Heavy D’s gems littered his landmark singles for and hour and change. The set was more than a history lesson. It really put this catalog in perspective and I bet made more than a few heads realize what rap music lost. I can’t front like I had all his albums. But I always appreciated his capacity to cut party jams and throw down with relative ease. Not to mention he had no qualms about cutting up rugs: an aspect of rap regulated to milk cartons nationwide.

Midway through the show, Mister Cee cut the music and dropped a compelling point. He said D paved the way for Notorious B.I.G., Big Pun, Fat Joe and practically every other rapper with a 40+ waistline. There’s no dispute on Cee’s claim when you think about it. Heavy’s whole image revolved around him being comfortable and smooth with his wide frame. So while his rhyme style didn’t necessarily influence larger MC’s after him, he nonetheless blazed the trail for his fat brothers. Skills are important but let’s not act like presentation has no value. Heavy was the first large rapper with mainstream appeal to be taken seriously on his own accord. Therefore, his success is pretty remarkable and overlooked, especially since the media still glosses over big boned talent.

Take a trip through the Heavster’s discog compliments of Mister Cee. He may have only had 44 years but he’s left a considerable amount of music in his passing. Rest In Peace Mr. Big Stuff.

Mister Cee – Throwbackl At Noon: Heavy D Tribute Mix On Hot 97

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