Open Mike Eagle – “Bright Green Lights” Video

06.22.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

Open Mike Eagle’s “Bright Green Light” is addressed to the haters. But, like the man himself, the track takes an unique approach to one of hip-hop’s most time-tested subjects. As he and his crew have a good old time, blowing a little smoke and sipping on something nice, Open Mike Eagle takes the time out to make sure the naysayers know just where he is mentally. Check the second verse: “Sometimes I feel like I don’t get the worth I deserve / When other people’s judgments aren’t worth my concern / ‘Cause there is not a human on this Earth that deserves / Authority to boss me until I’m dirt in an urn.” Damn straight.

Open Mike Eagle might not get aggressive on this cut, but his mellow, falsetto-laced vocals get his point across, eloquent and sure. And then, just when the subject matter seems to overwhelm the smooth cut, the chorus comes in, and any tension just drifts away, buoyed on the musical waves.

Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes is available on iTunes now.

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