Open Thread: Bulls Vs. Celtics Game 7

05.02.09 9 years ago 47 Comments

Somebody’s going home tonight.

Either the Baby Bulls will grow up and move on or the revamped Boston Three Party will lick their wounds and advance. I know the Playoff tagline is “Where Amazing Happens,” but Where History Happens would suffice as well. From Rose’s record-tying outburst in game 1 to the record 7 overtime periods, this series has had it all.

So anything less than that would be a let down right?  Hard fouls, injuries controversial plays have rendered seeds regardless, as X’s & O’s will give way to the will and determination of the key players.  Rose vs. Rondo.  Gordon vs. Allen.  Pierce vs. Salmons.  Who will step up and who will falter under the pressure.  You’d think home court would be enough for the Celt’s, but at this point nothing’s a given.

But fellas, please be mindful of the fight tonight. No will be mad if you only lace up for 48.

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