Open Thread: LA Lakers VS Denver Nuggets Game 7

05.12.12 6 years ago 24 Comments

Few thought a series between LA and Denver would go the distance. Well, that’s the reality of it as tonight sees a determined Denver squad try to conquer the mountain better known as the LA Lakers. The obvious route says Andrew Bynum’s big mouth set off Denver’s will to make a statement on the heavily-favored Lakers. However LA’s lacking supporting cast and front line has as much to do with Denver’s concerted team effort towards potentially making a big upset.

This game 7 has the makings for memorable clash but plenty of key factors precede the unlikely showdown. Will Pau and Bynum show up or quit on Kobe after his comments? Is Metta World Peace the x-factor? Can Ramon Sessions actually stay in front of Ty Lawson? Will Mike Brown be on the hot seat if they blow this game? And, maybe most importantly, can Denver break LA’s game 7 home winning streak of 10 games?

You know the drill. Drop your comments and stand by for the madness. We’re just glad an initially routine first round series turned into a much bigger spectacle.

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