Open Thread: Lakers Vs. Rockets & Celtics Vs. Magic, Game 4

05.10.09 9 years ago 35 Comments


Ron’s in. Yao’s out. Kobe & the Lakers are thanking the heavens, because this series just got a whole lot easier. I’m really surprised Yao made it this far in the series, because I thought he was done when he went down in game one. Not to say that I was wishing ill will towards him, but like McGrady, it’s a question of when and not if he’ll get injured. As a consolation, Derek Fisher is back, so Aaron Brooks could have a big game because D. Fish looks like a bull fighter trying to guard him. Couple that with Artest having a big game on both sides of the ball & this could actually be a game. But if he starts chucking up three’s or the Lakers keep feeding their bigs down low, this will look like a Cavaliers game.


Does Ray Allen have another 50 point game in him? Because Boston sure needs it. Hell, the Celtics will settle somewhere in 20-25 point range after his eight point performance in game three. They also need to shore up their defense as Turkoglu & Lewis ran roughshod over them combining for 52 points. It should be a competitive game to say the least, but Boston better dig in because 3-1 deficits are virtually impossible to come back from. With Rafer Alston back, the Magic have to at least be peeking ahead to a showdown with Cleveland.

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