Open Thread: Spurs Vs. Heat, NBA Finals Game 4

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06.11.14 450 Comments

The Score

Well, after Game 3 followed the same script as the 2013 Finals, here we are again. Heat down 2-1 to the Spurs coming off an embarrassing blowout loss with their backs firmly pressed up against the wall. Spurs with the chance to hammer the nail a little bit further in the Heat coffin and the LeBron narratives unraveling and spinning into a whole new level of criticism.

Even Gregg Poppovich says the Spurs will never shoot 75% in a half again, but did the Heat blow their gaskets trying to get back into a game that seemingly was lost in the first quarter? Who knows, but Game 4 is as close to a “must win” as possible without being a literal must win game and Miami almost always has responded in this situation. It’s a dangerous game to play, but the Heat will have to do it again if they want to avoid heading back to San Antonio down 3-1.

Game 4 in Miami airs on Thursday, June 12, 9pm EST on ABC.

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