Open Thread: NBA Finals Game Four

06.19.12 5 years ago 219 Comments

After Sunday night’s loss, can OKC’s core three regroup and right the ship? KD went through foul trouble, Harden ended up with nine points after going 2-for-10 from the floor and Russy was, well, Russy – as lively and unpredictable as loose power line. Meanwhile, LeBron’s putting up 30+ points and 10+ rebounds in the quarterfinals, semis and on pace to keep those numbers in the Finals. What helped most in the previous game? Wade stepping up his production (25 points, seven rebounds, seven assists, two steals). If he keeps pace, will South Beach may have reason to celebrate soon?

Amid a lot of what ifs, we’ll be here with everybody else chopping it up for Game 4. Feel free to make early predictions before coming back to join us this post before the 8pm EST tipoff.

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