Seeing Red…

05.30.09 9 years ago 18 Comments

Nikolas Kronwall.

I had to do this.

Everyone might not be as up on the puck as us Michiganders. But since the NBA Playoffs have been religion around the blogosphere, I figured we’d take you all to Hockeytown, where even the toughest economy in the country can’t had hold back our red and white pride.

In case you were blinded by the LeBron show, Nick Lidstrom and the Red Wings made the Blackhawks look like little boys and are back for another sparkling sip from Lord Stanley’s Cup. Screw the NBA. Screw the Pistons. Fuck the Cavs. Go Wings. The engine of The Motor City is in full gear, our playoff beards are grown out (well, not mine, of course…) and we’re ready to rain on Gary Bettman’s parade once again. Then, we’ll make way for one of our own. Down Woodward Ave onto Jefferson, after we demolish the NHL’s twentysometing ratings-whore, Sid ‘The Kid’ Crosby, and his Pittsburgh Penguins for the second time in two years.

Wings in 6.

See ya’ in downtown Royal Oak on June 9th.

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