Open Up Shop: TSS Major SS T-Shirts

05.28.09 8 years ago

Real simple. Periodically, we try to raise funds to fund our endeavors. But we don’t come empty-handed & begging. We come bearing goods! Last time around, it was EZ Splitz & stickers (FYI: we’ve still got a handle of each left of those). Now, after numerous requests, we finally got our shit together in order to bring you new Summer 2009 shirts.

— Designs & details by the mind of P.

— Heavyweight, preshunk shirts.

— Also available in Black & Purple.

— Only $20 plus shipping & handling.

— Each purchase includes extra goodies.

Did I cover everything?


Now visit The Smoke Shop to purchase.

Mendoza 83, It’s The Business.

Respect Our Fresh!

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