Openmic – “Children Of The Gold” Video

07.02.13 4 years ago

openmic children of the gold video

Every time I think that an East or West Coast renaissance is on our hands, a new talent crawls out of the Southern soil to remind me that the Dirty isn’t about to relinquish its firm hold on my iPod. This week’s reminder comes from Openmic, proudly representing Nashville.

It’s hard to really be insightful without coming off as too preachy, but ‘Mic does just that. And there’s something that you can’t really quantify about good voices in Hip-Hop, but Open’s raspy delivery has me yearning for some more.

Toss all that in a pot with a whip-friendly beat, and you have more than just a track that begs for repeated listens – you have an artist worthy of keeping tabs on.

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