Openmic – For The Rebels 2

03.12.14 4 years ago 4 Comments


“Got me bumpin’ James Brown in the whip
Tennessee is the state
Superman, super fly
I should come with a cape” – “James Brown”

Rap journalists are in love with the notion of “lanes” that different emcees should be married to – and strive to perfect – and the varying sub-genres that they best represent. Freddie Gibbs will always be associated with gangsta rap, and we applaud him for his dedication to the craft. Ditto Run The Jewels and their anti-establishment flavor of underground Hip-Hop. Little Brother’s cult-like following holds firm in their subscription to thinking man’s rap, while Lil Boosie stans appreciate something just a bit different.

And then you have guys like Openmic.

We’ve been covering the bases for a while now, but as a 24-year-old emcee still in the “self-definition” stage of his career, it’s obvious that this idea of rap as a linear entity is either going over ‘Mic’s head or being ignored altogether.

Whatever the case, we should be thankful.

For The Rebels 2 represents a neat little intersection of two very distinct rap streets, one weighed towards the more introspective side of things, the other, fun in its purest, most carefree form.

And make no mistake, we’ve all heard projects from rappers who try their hardest to be good at multiple facets of the genre without ever being remarkable at any one characteristic. FTR2 is not that. ‘Mic really flaunts his diverse talents as an emcee over a wide array of beats. The above-referenced “James Brown” and “Sit Back” are as car-ready as tracks can come, “Drug Addicts” offers a sobering look at the consequences of party habits, and “Blood Red Sun” is the kind of track that offers different meanings to different listeners.

‘Mic’s proven one thing in his brief career-to-date: a knack for diverse wordplay. Hit play and find out for yourself.


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