“Ouija Are You With Me?”

09.03.08 9 years ago 37 Comments

Words By Malik V.

It’s been about two months now since I hopped on board with the TSS crew. Being part of the Section has been crazy tight, except for one little disagreement I harbor with some other crew peeps. For the most part, I’ve been treated like one of the fam, but a constant mockery of my beloved Bone Thugs-N-Harmony has been the thorn in my side since day one.

It always goes a little something like this: “Bone was hella tight back in the day, but they’re old and they suck now.” It is up to me to defend Bone and refute this line of thought. I’ll admit, doing so is difficult, mainly because of Bizzy Bone.

Back in the glory days, Bizzy was considered the most creative and melodic Bone, but now, no one knows what the hell he is. Reading or listening to his interviews, which vary from painfully blunt, to just painful, and maybe a little hilarious, it’s pretty easy to hate. Bizzy seems to have mellowed out now though, and I’m crossing my fingers that the rumors are true, and Bizzy is back in the group. Everybody knows, Bone is just not Bone without Bizzy.

No one can deny that Bone ran things back in ’95. I was only a six year old mini hip-hop head back then, but even I had heard of them. We all know at least a couple bars from “The Crossroads,” and nobody made better music to blaze to than the dudes from C-town. The tough part is making a case for them in 2008. Their 2007 release Strength and Loyalty was just average compared to E. 1999 Eternal, but I think Bone’s still got it.

No one can rap faster and with sweeter melodies than Krayzie, Layzie, Wish, Flesh, and Bizzy (when he’s sober), and no amount of time or weed can change that. Haters might love to knock Bone now, but now that Flesh-n-Bone is out of jail, and the original five are reunited, shit will change. Krayzie recently confirmed that a reunion is in progress, and it’s just a matter of formalities before they hit the studio to work on an album. It’s been fourteen long years since Creepin On Ah Come Up dropped, and if this next joint is fire, I will have all the arguments I need for rebuttals.

For a loyal Bone fan, it almost feels like the 1st of the month.

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