15 Overlooked Songs Outkast Won’t Perform At Coachella, But They Should

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Coachella finally made official the news fans have waited so long to hear. On Wednesday night, the music festival revealed their full lineup for this year’s three-day gathering in Indio, California and headliners included the likes of Muse, Arcade Fire, Lorde, Skrillex, etc. But no artist or group loomed larger over the announcement than one: Outkast.


Hell yeah.

After a few months of speculation, it’s finally coming to fruition. The original two dope boys in a Cadillac will be back together on stage on April 11 and 18. And while they have a ton of songs to choose from – and, after waiting this long, we shall not complain about what they play – we decided to point out a few songs that might get overlooked but shouldn’t…mostly because we want to see and hear them performed live.


1. “Watch For The Hook” — This is the greatest posse cut of all time and f*ck you if you disagree. Sure it’ll be hard to pull off without the whole Dungeon Family there but they can probable splice it a certain way and work the song without a hitch.

2. “Mighty O”“Mighty-I-de-I-de-I (Mighty-I-de-I-de-I) Ode ode ode oooo (Ode ode ode oooo)”

3. “GhettoMusick” — In the entire history of their intros, this firestarter from Speakerboxxx gets overlooked but the high energy it brings makes it a worthwhile inclusion.

4. “Red Velvet” — As time has passed, I’ve been more and more convinced that this was the perfect Outkast song in the tail end of their union. It had 3000’s quirkiness linking up with Big Boi’s in precise harmony.

5. “Walk It Out” Remix — Kast turned a basic radio song into the best song of 2005 with ease. We’re sure DJ Unk is available.


6. “Return Of The G” — The greatest first song on any album ever? Possibly. A must-play song for a live set? You damn right.

7. “Daddy Fat Sax” — Sure, a majority of the attention will be focused on 3K but let’s not snooze on Hot Tub Thorny’s solos. He did a damn good job of keeping the group’s name alive and healthy for years all by his lonesome.

8. “Slump” — Southern fried funk at its best, they may as well play this and lead the crowd in the chorus, including the “hootie hoo” call in the chorus. First things first, who art thou Cool Breeze?

9. “Hollywood Divorce” — Neither Weezy nor Snoop needed. Let Andre croon and rap his way along. Plus, Big’s verse takes on every naysayer who spoke ill of the group for years. Why not play this one as a meaningful f*ck you to match the moment?

10. “Royal Flush” — Somebody make sure The God Shallah Raekwon The Chef able to attend and make the cipher complete on this one.


11. “Vibrate” — Imagine smoking a tightly rolled J while listening to Three Stacks serenade everyone in attendance. Now there’s a chance it might one day possibly happen. Maybe not, but we couldn’t have even typed this sentence six months ago. One time for progress!

12. “The Knowing” — Big Boi once referred to this as “The Art of Storytelling Pt. 3.” So, yeah, that’s filed under important.

13. “We Want Your Soul” — The Class of 3000 soundtrack is essentially a full-length Andre 3000 album that nobody listened to. He actually ripped a verse off on this track, too. If Dre gets a solo set, he should definitely sneak this in. Or not. Whatever.

14. “Synthesizer” — We’ve spoken on the brilliance that was this Aquemini standout. Now we want it live in all its glory.

15. “Call Of Da Wild” — You could take every OutKast fan to heaven that damn day if Big and Dre performed alongside Goodie Mob in 2014. There’s no topping that (we think).

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