“Marijuana Illegal, But Cigarettes Cool. I Might Look Kinda Funny, But I Ain’t No Fool…”

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Ranking Outkast’s top 20 songs is a task I’d never give even my worst enemy. Ranking them in order would just be cruel and unusual punishment. Nevertheless, somewhere between No. 20 and the untouchable holy grail that is the top spot would fall “Synthesizer.”

Aquemini turns 15 years old September 29, a date which has since gone on to be recognized as a landmark moment in Hip-Hop history. On an album boasting classics from start to finish, “Synthesizer” was the latest example in Big and Dre’s heavenly ordained-like chemistry. And it’s funny how a running claim in rap these days is the “microwavable artist” and the “instant single” killing the creativity and overall progression of the culture. Yet, here was ‘Kast two decades earlier preaching the same gospel and then some.

For Big, he’s been a first team All-American OG Hip-Hop uncle (along with Snoop and Bun B) for a decade and running now. His in-your-face, no-cutting-corners approach to dropping jewels – including the several laced here – have solidified a legacy, despite the age of “new” ‘Kast fans who attempt to devalue his importance.

And as for Dre? When cries for a solo album arise like clockwork whenever buddy drops a new verse, it’s a spaz-session such as the one he decapitated on “Synthesizer” that planted those seeds back when a lot of us thought high-speed Internet was AOL 4.0.

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