When OutKast Took Over ‘Yo! MTV Raps’ To Promote ‘ATLiens’

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ATLiens was released 17 years ago as of last week. Crazy, right?

Promotion was a lot different in the summer of 1996. Actual programs dedicated to music still existed and held a hell of a a lot of weight, arguably none more so in Hip-Hop than Yo! MTV Raps (Rap City in its prime deserves consideration, too). Big Boi and Andre 3000 took over the Yo! set that same summer.

Given Dre’s acknowledgement of the movie Independence Day – which hit theaters July 3 – and ATLiens release date of August 27, the show’s airing date falls somewhere in between. Seeing Big and Dre together is as nostalgic as it gets in rap. Perhaps the clip’s most unique trait, however, was its technology. The laptop resembled a medium pizza box. AOL 3.0 was likely the version of America Online the two were used to read the viewer mail.* And it truly is jaw-dropping when realizing the nuances of rap and gadgets in 2013 in comparison to 20 years ago.

Back to ‘Kast for a moment. Whether the two record full-time ever again is a topic that’s been beat into the ground more than another Dre’s unwillingness to drop Detox. It’s pointless in a sense. My only hope is both realize the opportunity. Bun can’t do another UGK album. There can’t be another true Hot Boys project with B.G. locked up for the next decade plus. Little Brother, well, yeah, there’s Little Brother.

The whole point is ‘Kast has three things working in their favor that makes this near decade-long separation impossible to truly “get over.” They’re both alive. They’re both still culturally relevant. And they’re both still rapping a high levels nearly 20 years following their debut. Not saying they do because there are parts of the story we’ll never be privy towards, but it’s foolish to consider taking those qualities for granted.

Anywho, what’s going to happen is already set in stone. And feel free to file this under the “OutKast reunion” label along with the other two million the Internet has birthed over the years.

Someone should e-mail yolive96@aol.com and see what happens though.

* – A tribute to the days of the Internet when someone call the house knocking you off line. Nothing in life was more frustrating than that.

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