ATLiens x Aquemini

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outkast-atliens-aqueminiWords by Landon A.

I can remember being 10 and getting down to “Rosa Parks” at the roller rink, gripping a bag of black cherry Warheads in my left hand with a suicide in my right. We all know how we feel about these two records. Whether you were in high school and ATLiens capped off your ride to school everyday or you just discovered Aquemini while digging through a friends records, point is most folks can remember where they were when they heard just one of the gems from either of these albums.

To me, the allure of ATLiens and Aquemini is the production just as much as it is the needle point lyricism from Big and Dre. Organized Noize (graces my list of top 10 producers) stepped their game up exponentially from Southernplayalistic, providing earthy funk-hop jams custom fitted for Big and Dre. “SpottieOttieDopaliscious” proves to be one of the funkiest jams on this and any other planet, calling for Sleepy Browns glacial crooning and Big and Dre’s patented spoken word, while beats like “Wheelz of Steel” and “Two Dope Boyz” allow room for lyrical ferocity from any MC who thinks they can take them on.

In the spirit of instrumental LP’s like Petestrumentals, ATLiens and Aquemini’s instrumentals provide a funky soundscape that you can listen to from roota to toota.

Download — Outkast – Atliens (Instrumentals)

Download — Outkast – Aquemini (Instrumentals)

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