The Overdoz. Continue To Kick Up Dest

06.06.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

The Overdoz. made it painfully obvious last time out that committment wasn’t an option, ladies. Now that the feeling is mutual, everyone can act like a N-I-Gee-Gee-Ay and get drunk and smoke weed all day. All aboard The OD. Lounge Express. The only train where the smoke from the engine is pales in comparison to what’s coming out of the caboose.

The term “weed rap” has been tagged with a negative connotation and rightfully so I might add. Yet, The OD’z are bringing an extra musical element with a dashes of Kief to boot. Don’t sleep on Live For, Die For. Actually, you can doze off after you get lifted. The tunes will help carry you to the clouds.

Download — Overdoz. – Live For, Die For Mixtape

OverDoz. Feat. Skeme – “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girlfriend” Video

OverDoz. – “Before We Go On” Video

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