A New Documentary Alleges P. Diddy Had Tupac Murdered

11.17.15 2 years ago 12 Comments

Gather around, conspiracy theorists and hip-hop folklore lovers, because we’re back to discussing Tupac murder mysteries and theories. A popular one is being brought back up again after former LAPD detective Greg Kading’s documentary, Murder Rap: Inside the Biggie and Tupac Murders, based on the book of the same name, aired over the weekend. No, not the silly “Suge had Pac killed” one, but the “Diddy did it” theory.

The documentary features a taped 2008 police interview between Kading and Compton native/Southside Crips gang member named Duane “Keffe D” Davis. During the interview, Davis alleges Diddy approached him on two separate occasions to discuss murdering Tupac and Suge Knight.

According to Davis, he allegedly first met Puff through a mutual friend named Eric “Zip” Martin, an alleged New York-based drug dealer, at a Santa Monica club in 1993. On the recordings, Davis says he and Puff were such good friends that he loaned the Bad Boy CEO his 1964 Impala for Usher’s “Can U Get With It” music video.

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Davis alleges in the interview that one day Puffy boldly declared, while “in a room full of Crips,” that he’d “give anything for Pac and Suge Knight’s heads” following a party in Anaheim, California. Months later, the hitman-for-hire conversation was allegedly brought up again at a deli, claims Davis. There, Davis says Puffy allegedly offered him $1 million to kill Tupac and Suge Knight. Apparently, Diddy was afraid of retaliation after his friend and bodyguard Anthony “Wolf” Jones allegedly killed Suge’s close friend and alleged Bloods member Jai Hassan-Jamal Robles, also known as “Big Jake.”

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