P. Dukes – “Closer” x “Jason Heyward”

11.03.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

“Atlanta rap makes it hard for me to be focused, ’cause ad-libs more important than your lead vocals.”

All praises due to Dominick for hipping me to P. Dukes because the GA. resident’s slowly cementing his position as one to watch. With each of one these clips, his voice grabs you by the shirt collar, forcing a listen because he speaks with a Southern drawl that gives room for clarity and his words are full of conviction. There’s no over the top displays in his spit game, just continuous strong vocal jabs aimed at victory instead of chasing after knockout blows. Choosing Goapele’s “Closer” always proves to be a good way to get most of the Crew’s attention too.

As an extra, remember Burn One’s “Bobby Cox”? It was only a matter of time before cats starting picking it up and giving it a go. Thankfully, P. properly puts in work, retitling it “Jason Heyward” and coasting in clean with a stand-up triple.

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