Pac Div – Church League Champions Mixtape

07.17.09 9 years ago 17 Comments

Pac Div’s Church League Champions is now available for mass consumption.

Shake managed to unshackle a video from this joint yesterday but it got pulled quick-fast. If you literally blinked, you missed it the opportunity to see it but expect that to drop soon enough. For now, the audio should suffice. And suffice it shall because it’s right on time for your weekend rides, whether that be a long road trip or a trip to the club. While they label themselves the underdogs (hence the basketball metaphor of “church league champions), we’ve been heralding their music for a while now. The trio has been crushing it since forever & don’t expect this tape to disappoint.

Download — Pac Div – Church League Champions Mixtape | Alt. Link

For more info, visit Pac Div’s

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