Pac Div Ft. Kendrick Lamar & Blu – “Cross-Trainers”

11.07.12 5 years ago

“Got my Cross-Trainers on motherf*ckin’, I run sh*t…”

For their latest leak off GMB, Pac Div doubles down by inviting Kendrick Lamar and Blu to join in on “Cross-Trainers.” The beat’s a little too hectic for my liking but I’ve been on my Pacific Division steez since yesterday and had intentions of putting words to the track “Greatness,” which is much smoother given No I.D.’s effortless production for the trio to ride over. “Cross-Trainers” sounds like everybody’s fighting the beat in order to be heard. Still, I’ll take the above quoted lyric to use as part of my internal soundtrack hear when I see new Bo’s.

This is nothing more than a cheap reason to post another Trainer 1, which has been my sneaker of choice for the past month or so. Many are calling the above pictured kicks the “Michigans” and I’ll play along to avoid confusion. But, just so the record’s clear, the only “Michigan” Air Trainer 1 would be the joints from 2000. 12 years later, they’re a rare find now so the updated joints will do. Still, the new kids need another name. Maybe something like the “Wolverines,” which would still include the MI tie-in but create a distinction between the two versions.

GMB drops on November 27. The “Wolverines” new “Michigans” are popping up now at NSW retailers, including shops like Premier.

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