Pac Div Signs With Universal

06.18.08 9 years ago 27 Comments

Just got word that Pacific Division signed with Universal yesterday, and man am I relieved.

About a week ago, rumor had it Pac Div were going to be the premier act to sign with Jermaine Dupri’s new TAG Records – a Procter and Gamble/Island Def Jam effort to meld product with product. When I mentioned the possibility of a contract on the table, Gottyâ„¢ said “I hope they signed with invisible ink.”

While a TAG Body Spray deal seems well intentioned for whoever ends up signing with them – what with the immediate money and spotlight shine JD has frequently alluded to – in my opinion, the Over/Under is bleak. JD inevitably pops up in his artists’ videos and adds a real weak-sauce glaze to the whole swag, not to mention instant association with the splashy Funkdafied or kiddy Lil’ Bow Wow. When is the last JD project you were really feeling? Because it was probably Kris Kross and you probably only liked them because they were your own age and the radio was fresh at the time.

Whoever signs with TAG will forever be known as “the TAG group.” It will be unduly difficult to shake the image of product placement. I know that those who take great risks in life reap the greatest rewards, but enough people have risked their careers with JD to show where it will get you – check Janet Jackson Feedback.

JD even said in his TAG press release, “I’m hand-selecting and molding these artists to make history in hip hop.” He’s not looking for good music, he’s looking for an image. For artists to mold. It will be a damn shame to have another artist’s music lost to the pages of gimmick history.

Let someone else be the TAG guinea pig.

Pac Div deserves a real shot. They got records.

Congrats to the homies!

Pacific Division – Taste

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