Pac Div – “Whiplash/Young Black Male” Video

11.15.09 8 years ago 10 Comments

I used to drive a Honda til it ran out of gas/Now I’ma push this E til it run out of class…Whiplash!

Pac Div’s songs have always had a grasp on what “everyman rap” should sound like before it became a buzz phrase. Sure, they rhyme about fashion and nights of debauchery in LA ad nauseum. Thing is, they also craft gems about issues that affect everyday people and sound believable at that. That last part is crucial because I feel like music is becoming less and less relateable these days. I doubt I’ll know what it’s like to push a mayonnaise-colored Benz or persuade a chick to “have a baby by me baby” just so she seek financial splendor in my (lack of) funds. To avoid confusion, I’m not saying rappers shouldn’t write about such experiences; I guess I have a bias for the attainable.

I’m doin’ overtime and I ain’t been paid a dime…”

Church League Champions was one of my favorite mixtapes of ’09 so it’s cool to see “Whiplash” and a bit of “Young Black Male” get the video treatment. Like’s verse struck a chord as he talks about coming up and desperately chasing a dream – much like myself – until it becomes a reality. These and other Pac Div songs hit that awkward college-aged innanet crowd that’s too old for Soulja Boy, never liked/got tired of popular artists their age (Drake anyone?) yet isn’t old enough to truly live through the golden age. Their music isn’t limited to this demographic but its evident that they’re a part of it. At any rate, check out the latest from one of the most slept on acts from the West.

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