NBA Fast Break: Corey Brewer Goes Off, Pacers Plummet

04.12.14 4 years ago 12 Comments

The playoffs start a week from today.

No one in the crew’s more amped than AJ since he doesn’t have to see the Cavs play for much longer. Meanwhile, Bansky and Tinsley have to live with Kevin Durant’s eventual MVP trophy and it hurts them so much. All the Lil B spins in the world can’t stop the inevitable from happening, sirs. I’m sorry.

Me? Well I’m happy for the Bucks because they finally beat someone…The Cavs! MIKE BROWN BALL can’t stop, won’t stop sinking to new lows before the season ends.

Let’s get the biggest sticking point out of the way. Indiana kept their ambivalence streak rolling with a 98-86 loss to Souf Beach. NorBel had the game high with 36 points while Indiana went down by as much as 21 midway through the third quarter.

This game easily became the dud of the night due to its uncompetitive nature throughout. Indiana’s a half game back of first but Miami sports a game in hand. The core Pacers’ should’ve taken head to this Instagram tough love instead of heading to Gamestop to pre-order Mario Kart 8.

Chicago went down by over 20 at the half against Detroit but, since Detroit’s Detroit, the Bulls came back with a big win 106-98. Joakim’s hell game from the field kept him from another triple double. D.J. Augustin, yes that guy, held the Bulls down with 24 and 6 off the bench in a huge second half rally.

Chicago’s currently the best team in their division and the hottest team in the league. The win moved them up to third place in the East on account of Toronto’s 108-100 loss to the Knicks. The Raptors still hold the tie break over Chicago on account of winning the Atlantic Division. There’s also an interesting storyline in them meeting NY twice in their final four games.

Yo, Corey Brewer went for 51 last night.

Yes, you read that right.

No, this didn’t happen in NBA 2K14 against the Bucks on Rookie. This transpired in real life and all over The Rockets’ backcourt. Kevin McHale’s no defensive specialist but, on the real, his team basically watched Corey go off on a career-high performance with no second half adjustments; that’s inexcusable. Minnesota edged out Houston 102-100 but, seriously, who the heck prayed so hard for Corey’s career night?

That power could’ve been used to stop world hunger, get me a PS4 for free or turned Benzino into a top 5 D.O.A. rapper. Somehow the Lord’s blessing fell on Kool-Aid smile-having Brewer’s unworthy self. He ended the game on a 19-30 night with six steals plus tons of points in at the rim and in transition. He also hit a buzzer-beating half-court heave. What the f*ck, man?


— The Knicks’ postseason hopes got a good dash of salt with Atlanta’s 93-88 win over Brooklyn. The game featured a good amount of struggle from both sides but BK had no answer for Paul Millsap and Jeff Teague; the duo combined for 49 points on 34 shots. Jeff crossed up baby bro Marquis pretty badly, too. D-League Teague fell like Coach Kreeton on All That.

Anyway, Atlanta’s victory grants them a two-game lead on the Knicks for the Eastern Conference’s final playoff spot. Two upcoming matches against Miami and Charlotte at home all but certifies them as a lock.

— The Wiz Kids and Bobcats traded places with a dub and a loss respectively. Both clubs get as green as it gets when it comes to May ball. Then again it wouldn’t be surprising to see them give the higher seeds a tough out.

— Washington and Charlotte snuck in some huge wins against the Pacers last month too. Indiana took each series but it’s safe to say their early season form’s on hiatus. Charlotte also swept their regular season series with Toronto 3-0. A 3-6/2-7 upset looks likely if the standings hold out East.

— Kevin Durant lost his 25+ point streak this week but OKC’s 116-94 thumping of the Pelicans saw him . Sniper Jones racked up 27 points alongside Westbrook’s 24.

— Danny Green 33 points with 7-10 threes and Kawhi Leonard led the Spurs’ youth movement. Patty Mills didn’t have a great game but he has potential to shock a few folks come playoff time. The same goes for Marco Belinelli with his helter-skelter shooting nights.

— Phoenix lost a crucial one to the Spurs despite Eric Bledsoe’s night of 30 point and 11 boards. The Suns sit outside of eighth place with a half game the 7-9 positions. Meanwhile, Gerald Green continued his quest as the league’s best in-game dunker. He made a quasi-poster out of Boris Diaw since his double-clutch dunk might’ve left Diaw out of the frame depending on the angle.

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