‘Lo Heads Finally Have Their Own Kicks.

08.01.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

Off of general principle, Thirstin Howl III needs a free pair of these. That’s real. The Packer Shoes x Saucony Grid 9000 is just an all around beauty. While I do have to knock Just for rocking those bang bang Jordans years ago, all is forgiven with the official reveal of the Grids. Dude is a legit ‘Lo head and reps for his set appropriately with a pair of kicks to match what is arguably the most sought after Polo piece ever.

The beloved Snow Beach pullover made famous all over NY thanks to the Lo Lifes, and later by Raekwon The Chef. Props to Fly Human Beyond who shot the kicks and was able to show the OCD levels of detail put into the collab. The yellow portion of the upper mirrors the cotton canvas used on the sweater, and the color matching is almost spot on. The rest of the shoe is covered in a navy pigskin suede, which is a great look given that darker canvas materials tend to fade faster than others. Lace locks identical to those found on the waist stays come with the kicks, and even the sock liner matches the fleece lining of the Snow Beach joint. Good lawd.

I’m Birdman Hand Rubbing all over the place in anticipation for this release. Being 100% realistic, I’ll never get my hands on a Snow Beach, Indian, or Stadium Polo piece. Hell, finding a Polo Bear sweater that isn’t mangled or going for the price of a used car is a hassle. Real dick move on your part pairing shoes with unattainable clothing, Justin. But a white tee, Yanks fitted and diddy bop will do in the meantime.

Oh, and for the aspiring Lo Lifes looking for the authentic pullover? It’s on eBay right now. (Queues the terrorist from Taken’s voice) Good luck.



packer saucony snow beach-14


packer saucony snow beach-5

packer saucony snow beach-3

packer saucony snow beach-6

packer saucony snow beach-7

packer saucony snow beach-4

packer saucony snow beach-10

packer saucony snow beach-2

packer saucony snow beach-11

packer saucony snow beach-9

packer saucony snow beach-8

packer saucony snow beachb-12

packer saucony snow beach-13

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