Packer Shoes And Asics Gel-Lyte III ‘Dirty Buck’ Brings Back That ‘Motownphilly’ Feeling

03.06.15 3 years ago 11 Comments

Packer Shoes

As someone who came of age during the peak of Boyz II Men’s “Alex Vanderpool” era, I can appreciate Packer Shoes and Asics ‘Dirty Buck’ collab. As the first ever project by both parties, these hit the sweet spot between looking really preppy like the shoe they borrow their look from while still being the Gel-Lyte III model we’ve come to know and love in recent years.

They’re the sneakers you could wear Monday through Thursday at the job and nobody would trip that you were a few days early on Casual Friday. That matters because when I had a real job, it got to the point where wearing hard bottoms didn’t feel comfortable, so I just started wearing sneakers daily. F*cks given? None. But if I still had to walk in the workplace daily, I’d don these with some Dockers Alphas and activate my swag.

Packer Shoes And Asics Gel-Lyte III ‘Dirty Buck’ drop on tomorrow, March 7th at Packer’s spot with no phone or email orders. Better shoot your regional connect a kite asapsual or start praying the shoes get a wider release.





Cred: Packer

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