How About The End Of That Green Bay Packers-Seattle Seahawks Game, Huh?

09.25.12 5 years ago 41 Comments

We won’t remember the Seahawks defensive clinic. We won’t remember Green Bay damn near mounting a fourth quarter comeback win for the Monday night ages. We’re all going to remember an ending so wild calling it controversial would be a disservice.

Seattle’s Golden Tate escaped without getting called for an obvious pass interference penalty on a game ending heave from Russell Wilson. Somehow, the former Notre Dame standout got the benefit of the doubt of having possession of the ball when – peep this photo from ESPN’s Jay Crawford – he had anything but. It was one of those moments everyone who saw it live knew the sh*t was about to hit the fan. Did it ever and now we find ourselves in the middle of one of the ugliest P.R. scandals in recent memory with players lashing out in raw, unfiltered fashion.

We’re all left to wonder how this has an effect on labor talks between the NFL and the “real” refs. I could be quite wrong, but even with an obvious clusterf*ck like this, the only way the process gets expedited is if the league begins seeing dents in the proverbial back pocket. People can moan, groan and bitch all they want, but as long as they’re still spending money to go to the games, buying the cable packages and copping merchandise, Goodell and his boys really have no use to rush this process. And if anything else, this is just even more controversy to watch next week. You know, just to see if the replacement refs can screw things up even worse. It’s not right, but it is the reality of an ugly, contrived situation.

This is the worst possible ending for a league – one effectively altering the course and perception of the 2012 season – and commissioner who have been dealing with the issue since the preseason. At any rate, I leave you on a lighter note with the picture of the entire evening. Pete Carroll in all his glory, ladies and gents.

Photo: Dre

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