We’re All Winners Come Super Bowl Sunday

01.31.11 7 years ago 10 Comments

The Super Bowl is more than just the last and most important game of the NFL season. It is an event that brings people together regardless if those watching are diehard fans or happen to confuse Aaron Rodgers for that guy who is nominated for best actor in a drama at the Oscars. A nice sized TV, wings, pizza and alcohol is all that is really needed for a successful Super Sunday get together. Thanks to Papa John’s, however, you may not even have to fork out the money on pizza.

The world’s third-largest pizza company said Thursday it will give away free pizzas every 45 seconds on Super Bowl Sunday, starting at 10 a.m. EST on Feb. 6 and running through the game that night.

Every Papa John’s customer placing an online order will be eligible to win a free $45 Papa John’s gift card. Customers can also register at the company’s website. Winners will be e-mailed gift cards, redeemable after Feb. 6. [Boston.com]

Something key to take note of this deal is that the company is looking to bolster their online presence which is an ever evolving element to PJ’s business. I’ve ordered a pizza online from there a few times before and I’ll admit it’s a lot more convenient than calling in. On the flip side, if you have ever attempted to order a pizza on SBS, then you already know ordering early is the best policy. Try ordering 30 minutes before kickoff if you want to and your pizza won’t get there until Mel Kiper is on TV the next morning talking about his projected first rounders. Still, that isn’t most appealing and intriguing part of this Super marketing initiative. Check this.

Meanwhile, Papa John’s is offering another Super Bowl-related giveaway — if the game goes into overtime. Anyone registering on its website through Feb. 5 will be eligible for a free large, three-topping pizza if the Super Bowl goes into overtime.

We’re 44 title games deep and not one has traveled into sudden death, so the odds are not stacked in America’s favor. But literally two minutes and a tie game this Sunday separate you from pay dirt; pay dirt being a free pie from the country’s third largest pizza chain. This is your chance to be apart of marketing immortality. Don’t let foolish pride and football know-how convince you otherwise.

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