Papoose Drops Big Sean Diss Song, “First Chain” (Remix)

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09.06.13 37 Comments

papoose first chain remix

Big Sean must’ve done or said something recently to piss Papoose off. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone knows exactly what that is except maybe Pap.

From listening to this “First Chain” remix, Pap heard Sean say “Papoose who?” somewhere along the line in an interview I suppose and, with his Google Alerts on high, he decided to go off.

Here’s the god honest truth: I love it that the little Native American child has taken to smackin’ kufis off cats, just from an entertainment standpoint and for his decision to play standard-bearer alongside Kendrick. Pap’s recent highlights have been worth the listen and him reading the riot act for the G.O.O.D. rapper has its chuckles. But the track’s about two minutes longer than anyone should spend directing rhymes at Medium Sean, the least threatening MC in the game.

Imagine if Papoose spent as much time crafting his albums as he does these little beef raps. Or spending time filling out applications as a ghostwriter. Instead of dissing Sean, Pap could’ve sent him his resume and possibly scored a gig.

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