Papoose May Have Won “Control” With His Kendrick Lamar Response, Seriously

08.16.13 4 years ago 121 Comments

I hereby declare Papoose NYC’s baddest bad man on the block. Yes, Papoose.

Pap’s earned his way back into Hip-Hop conversation over the course of the summer*. He started by crashing the Summer Jam stage – courtesy of Kendrick – and he’s managed to keep his little run going (his “Versace” freestyle anyone?) to where we are now, listening to his “Control” freestyle, where he pulls no punches while taking strong jabs at the same guy who basically ushered him back to relevance. Using Kendrick’s own “we’re friends but I’ll murk you” logic, I think even KDot would have to smirk at Papoose taking “Control” here.

Humor? Check. Passionate delivery? Check. Quotables? Hell yes. Personal digs? A resounding yes. This man said Kendrick was getting molested on his album cover.

Nobody was spared in Pap’s lyrical assault as Pap Drake, Big Sean, and Kanye all get tossed in the fracas. Nobody, not even Kendrick’s mom. For those reasons and more, Papoose gets…


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* – A vast improvement from spring, when he released a weed plate full of struggle bars.

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