Papoose Pens “Open Letter” Explaining Why & How He Hijacked Summer Jam

06.09.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

papoose open letter freestyle

“I don’t care what you all tweet, You making me a trending topic you, f*cking geek.”

Papoose doesn’t care about rap people. He also doesn’t care that Summer Jam was now a week ago and everyone’s moved on with their lives. Nope, Pap’s still milking every single second out of his 15 minutes in the spotlight, choosing to address how he bumrushed the show in a new freestyle titled “Open Letter,” where he jacks Jigga’s track for his own purposes.

“…Industry never did shit for me, except hated on me and pull trickery, They don’t want to let a n*gga shine, Fine, I’ll take another artist’s time.”

Sometimes, you gotta go for what you know.

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