The Lulz: Papoose Crashes Summer Jam, Hilarious Memes Follow

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06.03.13 16 Comments

Something spectacular happened at Hot 97’s Summer Jam Sunday night. No, Jay-Z didn’t hop on stage and debut a new song with a Michael Jackson hologram. Instead, somewhere between Kendrick Lamar’s set and headliner (!!!) French Montana’s set, local rapper Papoose found himself on stage, performing a struggle bars-laced song. The problem? Apparently, Pap wasn’t scheduled to appear on the bill. Like, at all. Dude totally YOLO’d, pulled a Lil Mama and garnered relevancy he hasn’t seen since Bush was in office.

As a result, not only was French’s set cut short, but the memes started to roll in and hilarity ensued. The Internet strikes again!

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