Papoose Drops The “Versace” Verse We’ve All Been Waiting On

07.16.13 5 years ago 17 Comments

papoose versace freestyle

Hey, guys, it’s Papoose jumping on something nobody asked him to be on. Surprise, surprise.

Eternal struggle bar artist Papoose is the latest MC to hop on the “Versace” beat. Let’s take a moment to make fun of h- …wait. Wait. Hold the phone. This is actually good. Like, really good. Let me find out Mr. Alphabetical Slaughter is back in ’04 form. Either that or Kendrick Lamar shot him another look with a ghostwritten verse.

Still, these “Versace” remixes and freestyles should’ve been over since Drake hopped on it and murked the beat. Migos song is now his song. He owns it. Just stop trying, everyone else.

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