Guilt-Free Listening: PARTYNEXTDOOR’s ‘PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO’ Album Stream

07.26.14 3 years ago 16 Comments


“West District” sold me.

Hesitant to jump on the PARTYNEXTDOOR wave for whatever reason, slowly but surely the turnaround is in progress. And similar to the man himself, PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO quietly became one of the summer’s more (personally) anticipated projects. His non-ubiquitous approach is a relic in a sense, a style of earlier times when artists revealed very little about their lives outside of music.

Couple the enigmatic vibe with the majority of his songs being the audio equivalent of “I probably don’t need this last drink, but f*ck it”* and a certain level of intrigue is nearly impossible to escape from OVO’s shrouded mystery.

PND2 hits iTunes July 30 under OVO/Warner Bros., but in the age of the Internet and the “shop before you cop” mentality, the wait is officially over. Saturday night just received its official soundtrack.

* – In my head, that makes perfect sense.

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