The iPod Shuffle – Patra’s “Romantic Call”

10.09.13 4 years ago 10 Comments

I stopped caring about dancehall music around the time it became the thing to get your pelvis shattered and vagina broken while doing ratchet acrobatic dance moves called “daggering.” But I was totally about that life twenty years ago though.

The early 90s saw the explosion of dancehall music stateside and reigning as queen of the genre was Patra. With them pum pum shorts and sexually suggestive dance moves, there were plenty of days where I almost caught an ass whooping for watching her videos. Yet, I still took my chances. Every time “Romantic Call” came on the tube, I was right there watching on the low, ready to change the channel if I heard my grandmother’s slow footsteps.

Watching the video now? Yeeeaaah, I can see why she didn’t want me watching. Sorry, grandma.

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