Your MNF Recap: Patrick Chung Played Like A Created Player

10.05.10 7 years ago 11 Comments

Like the entire organization as a whole, the New England Patriots’ defense has been under scrutiny for simply being under par. But going into their bye week after a decisive 41-14 MNF clubbing of the Miami Dolphins, they should have a good bit of fire burning since the weather in Foxbourough is not.

And no, they didn’t ride the wave of Randy Moss – who didn’t have a single catch – or witness Tom Brady throw a reception to everybody outside the lineman coaches. It was Patrick Chung who stole the spotlight for the nation’s favorite Monday program. And before you begin to ask “who?” all you need to know is he’s from The University of Oregon, so that means he’s fast.

One blocked punt. One blocked field goal (returned for a touchdown). One interception returned 51-yards for a touchdown. Yeah, it sounds like a year-end statistics but unfortunately for the Dolphins, the safety chose them to fully reveal his talent. And the Patriots are now the first team to score a touchdown on are the first team in NFL history to score on an interception return, a kickoff return, a blocked field goal, a run and a pass.

Now that’s the definition of a “team effort.”

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