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As Sexy As Azaylia Sen

Patrick Swayze’s Influence On Hip Hop [URB]

Michael Jordan: The Art of Hangtime [Hoop Doctors]

Obama’s Student Loan Plan: A Government Takeover Few Can Argue With [Time]

Measure To Let Guns On Amtrak Passes Senate [CNN]

Fantasy Football: Waiver Watch [Gridiron Experts]

The New iPod Touch Really Is About 50% Faster…OK, Maybe a Bit Less [Gizmodo]

Pics from “Kung Fu Kid” Set [Showing Out]

Quick Million For New Dan Brown Book [AP]

The 25 Sexiest Celebrity PETA Ads [Epic Carnival]

Free McDonald’s or Wal-Mart Gift Card With Your Next Syphilis Test [F-Listed]

Cowboys Selling “Ours Is Bigger” Stadium T-Shirts [SbB]

How To Stash Your Drugs & Talk To Cops Tutorial [HMJ]

Google Reportedly To Buy Brightcove For $500-$700 Million [SVI]

What Facebook can learn from Gmail [Slate]

Chad Says He’ll Lambeau Leap if He Scores [YB]

Blu And Pharoahe Monch Speak About Shafiq Husayn [OS]

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