Paul George Buys All His Old No. 24 Jerseys, Gives Them Away

08.15.14 3 years ago 5 Comments
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Earlier this week Paul George decided to change his jersey number to 13 so he could have the Bill Simmons concocted nickname “PG-13.” That’s cool I guess, and I’m sure the die hards won’t mind having to purchase a new PG jersey this season, but what about all the unsold George jerseys sitting in an Adidas warehouse somewhere?

The NBA has a league rule that an NBA player who decides to change his number must purchase all the unsold merchandise from the manufacturer. No clue what that cost George, but surely he got some sort of discount. There are George #24 jerseys still available online at the NBA store for $54.99, which is half off.

George did beat the deadline for the mandate, but decided to buy the gear anyway and do something amazing with it, he gave it away. Yesterday PG-13 surprised students and staff at his old high school, Knight High School in his native Palmdale, Ca with the humongous package of gear.

George spent much of yesterday on Twitter retweeting the lucky recipients of the free gear and their ecstatic messages of appreciation. Paul took hit after hit to his image last season, but he is a star, and gestures like this will only help to endure him to the general public even more.

As for why the mass donation, well the answer seems pretty simple:

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