Watch Paula Patton Twerk All Over Al Roker

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09.20.13 44 Comments

Paula Patton’s past couple of weeks have been spent making the media rounds to promote her new film, Baggage Claim. Instead of talking up the movie, she’s spent more time trying to quiet down the controversy surrounding the Miley Cyrus twerking incident with Patton’s husband, Robin Thcke. Her standard answer hasn’t changed much: she “doesn’t see what the big deal is,” she doesn’t mind one bit, admitted that “Twerking can help the love,” que sera sera.

What I do want to point out is that Paula was on the Today show Wednesday morning and Al Roker asked if she’d be willing to show how she backs that azz up and ride his pony on stage. Paula, being the fine angel of God that she is, obliged.


The jokes write themselves from this point. Seriously. I mean, Al Roker’s not one to hold his fluids in and Paula Patton thrusting her pelvis on him probably didn’t help one bit.

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