Peedi Crakk – “All Guns Loaded”

06.02.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

The domination of “The R.O.C.” hold some of my fondest memories as a lover of this thing called Hip-Hop. From Jay’s uncanny ability to hold summers down like none other, the emergence of Kanye, the endless (and I mean endless) quotables from Dame to hood appeal of State Property, they basically covered all the bases. One artist I never got into, however, was Peedi Crakk.

Shoot me.

Dude never really appealed to me in the slightest bit. Sure, a track here and there would grab my attention, but he always fell behind Beans, Freeway, the Young Gunz and Omillio Sparks in the State Prop totem pole. Since that folded, Peedi Peedi found himself doing a stint in the bing the memories of yesteryear become subjected to YouTube and word-of-mouth folklore. A free man once again, the former R.O.C. Boy is cooking up the finishing touches of the upcoming Amalgam Digital release, A Day In The Life, set to drop in September.

The Jim Jones sampled “All Guns Loaded” will not make the final cut, but Peedi’s posse saw fit to let this one go anyway. Before I hit play, I was hesitant given my past dealings with homie’s product. That’s why music is different from scorned friendships though – you can continue to go back to an artist if he/she has continually let you down in the past. The only thing you lose is computer memory and time. Weird logic, I know. With an energetic beat only toppled by Crakk’s off-the-wall flow, it makes for a respectable addition to your portfolio from North Philly’s finest. Give it a listen for yourself.

Peedi Crakk – “All Guns Loaded” | Download

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